How to set up your virtual classroom easily?

How to set up your virtual classroom easily?

Gone are the days when a room, a blackboard, chalk, duster and a few desks were enough to conduct a study session. Now, with changing times and changing needs, a virtual classroom setup has poised to be of much more relevance than just a luxury of being tech-oriented.

As the first step to get education digitized, locating the best app for online teaching is of utmost priority. Without a proper digital platform it is almost unthinkable to run an online classroom with efficiency.

Moreover, digitizing education has also opened new horizons for educators.

There are the benefits of -

  • Flexibility of time and location,
  • No travelling,
  • More opportunities for teaching,
  • Decreased administration overhead on students, hence better efficiency,
  • Easier access to information and sharing of them,
  • Better interaction with students,
  • Global exposure, and much more.

Most of these benefits also apply for the e-learners, as well. Thus, the best apps for online classes promising quality education are a triumphant situation for both the education giver and taker. So, if you are still pondering on how a virtual classroom for your learning centre can come into reality, here is a guide on how to set up your own online classroom in a few easy steps.

The steps involved in setting up your virtual classroom -

Step 1: Choose the model based on which you want your virtual classroom to run - you can opt for your type of virtual classroom model based on three different perspectives, mostly on which the best apps for online classes are built on.

Teaching and learning methods -

  1. Rotation model: It is a real-time scenario where students and teachers accept and deliver education on live-classes.
  2. Flex Model: This is a flexible mode for the students where they can exercise their choice of classes, whether live or recorded classes, for each subject.
  3. A la carte Model: In this scenario, students take a portion of the course entirely with online classes.
  4. Enriched virtual Model: This is a blended mode of traditional classroom style and virtual classrooms, where some portion of the course is conducted in traditional style and others within online classes.
  5. Completely virtual model: Here, the entire course is done on online scenarios.

Course objectives -

  1. Night school model - here, the students enroll for specific skill sets only.
  2. Academic model - It involves a wide course including multiple skill sets.

Business perspectives -

  1. Transaction model - here, a one-time fee is paid for a specific course by the students.
  2. Subscription model - here, students enroll for monthly fees for the course.

First decide on the model you want for the delivery of online classes and then you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Set your objectives for the classes -

The purpose of the virtual classrooms must be set clear on a priority. Whether you want a blended classroom experience, offering a 24*7 learning resources, want to earn through a skill that you have or is the classroom is all about owning an elearning marketplace; the objective has to be transparent.

Step 3: Choose a virtual classroom platform

  1. You can sign up for the best app for online teaching available in the elearning marketplace that suits your requirements, based on your preference of course models and objectives.
  2. If you want to build your own elearning platform from scratch, you can always approach ServClass which is one among providing the best apps for online classes.

Step 4: Set a website for your virtual classroom

The aforesaid steps can be used to set up your website. The pre-requisites for the website setup are -

  1. A domain name for the website of your virtual classrooms.
  2. A web hosting server.
  3. A media streaming/video conferencing tool to conduct the online teaching sessions.

How ServClass can be the ultimate solution for the initiation of your virtual classrooms -

ServClass is capable of providing an integrated tool that will help your business to go digital hassle-free by building a customized e-learning app for you.

It makes your classes accessible and available for the students from every corner. With this premium mobile app, you can avail a wide array of features and flexibility that is otherwise absent in other sets of virtual classroom solutions.

Setting up this app is an easy task involving very few steps. Just determine your requirements, approach Servclass and within 7 days start your online classes with pride in a high-tech organized digital environment.

Hence, setting up your own online classroom does not involve rocket science and is very easy when you get a helping hand like that of Servclass.

Elearning programs are in high popularity and are catering to big profits to the elearning ventures across the world. From small single unit coaching centres to the high profile players in the educational sector, everyone is trying to indulge in the profitability of virtual educational apps.

Even corporate training courses and job-oriented online degrees and certificates are being given a priority. Find the best app for online teaching that understands your business perspective and does the task of setting up the entire virtual environment for your online classes on your behalf.