How digitization through customized mobile apps can help coaching centers GROW

How digitization through customized mobile apps can help coaching centers grow

With technology taking the centre stage in our day-to-day lives due to the recent impactful events, digitization poses a mandate on the educational sector as well.

In the last two decades, the eLearning industry has seen an exponential growth influencing educational institutes including coaching centers to take the leap.

Research says that, in India 1 out of 4 students rely on classes from coaching centers. Digitizing these institutions can only leverage education for one and all.

Let's see how having a customized mobile app can help coaching centers to gain popularity and grow as a business.

Why do you need to digitize your coaching center?

The advantages you are missing out by following the traditional ways of running your coaching classes and not adopting the technology are multifold.

Let's know how transforming your coaching centre into a mobile app can help it grow exponentially and also let you reach more students easily.

Learning techniques approachable to the modern generation !!

Learning through digital platforms gives a different perspective of learning procedures, altogether. It has been seen that students are learning faster with more percentile of accuracy through digital applications.

The current generation is more tech-savvy and falls in appreciation of anything and everything oriented to technology.

Thus, it has been found that this new technique of learning through digital educational platforms is more approachable and likeable to the modern generation and hence inspires them to engage with the learning process better.

Study whenever and wherever the students feel like !!

No time binding feature has led the technology of education through mobile apps to gain a quick popularity among the young learners.

The students are free to attend live or recorded classes whichever is feasible for them. The recorded classes are accessible 24*7.

Also, the portability of the gadgets makes it possible for individual students to access the classes from any location they feel comfortable with.

It implies that education is no more limited to physical classes or any restricted premise. The traditional concept of time and location of education system has been dissolved with this on-the-go learning procedure.

Effective communication between teachers, students and parents !!

The special automated grading and attendance system has enabled the teachers to keep a better track of the students performance. Through mobile apps the communication between the students and teachers are made easier whereby students can share queries and concerns at any point of time and from any place & teachers can answer from the comfort of their home.

This is also true for parents who seek communication with the teachers. This feature of mobile apps for coaching classes makes it instantly popular among both students and parents.

Systematic approach !!

Software solutions are known to make large, complicated processes manageable and scalable. Similarly, these mobile apps for coaching classes are designed to manage the whole process of education deliverance and other aspects of the institutions through automated processes.

Processes like course schedule, notification management, discussion sessions, cloud storage of contents, class recordings, fees account management, conducting of online examinations, student enrollment and others are done easily & more effectively.

Time savior !!

These coaching class management apps save up a lot of time not only for the students but for the teachers, alike. For students, teachers and other non-teaching staff, the absence of travel to arrive at physical educational centers saves a huge amount of time.

Getting class notes and other reference notes is just a download away, again saving time in the process.

Other features of the app are instant updates, portability, unlimited learning etc, contributing to time saving, both for the students and coaching centers.

Improved brand image and increased ROI !!

Apps for coaching classes are not only making life easier for students, teachers and parents but they are helping in building a brand image of the coaching institutes.

A mobile app gives a larger exposure to the business. Increased visibility of the brand helps in growing brand awareness and that being with a larger audience, not possible with traditional education systems. It also helps to strengthen the relation between the brand and the concerned customers, i.e., the students and parents.

The automated processes save manual labour and time, thus seeing an increased ROI.

While mobile apps are bringing in the change in the education industry, there are some premium apps like ServClass playing the master-stroke in providing a complete package of brand building for the coaching centers.

From being affordable and secure, easy accessibility for teachers and students alike, easier monitoring of student performance to effortless communication, Servclass serves as the ultimate education app for education providers.

Features of ServClass that will help your coaching centre grow exponentially

  • Host Live & Recorded Courses by Category -
    It offers both live streaming and recorded sessions in accordance with the categories and filters to the students.
  • Provide Free & Demo Classes - For your coaching centre to showcase that it is worthy of subscription, providing free and demo classes is a smart approach that is catered by ServClass.
  • Doubt Posting & Discussion Section - No education system is complete without being open to discussions and doubt clearance. ServClass has the feature of easy doubt posting and discussion forum to avail this property.
  • Personalized Branding of the App - An app where you are able to showcase only your brand name and not the hosts domain. This gives your brand more credibility and thus growing a positive impression among the students.
  • Market Your Courses on Home Page  With ServClass you can market all your courses in dedicated pages which in turn will add up to your brand building and visibility.
  • Easily Sell Your Courses Online - Being an online portal, the priority goes to user-friendly interface and payment gateway integration which is taken care of by ServClass with excellence. Students from anywhere can purchase your courses on the app and recommend others too.
  • Conduct Mock Tests & Sell Test Series - Through this app, you can conduct mock tests with ease and sell test series required for the students  growth.
  • Quick & Easy Student Teacher Communication - Group or one to one communication between students and teachers are made possible through this app with camera and attachment support, making it a good cause for its popularity.
  • Comprehensive Portals for Teachers, Students & Admin - With user-friendly and comprehensive portals for teachers, students and admins ServClass can be easily managed and operated with complete privacy & safety of your data.


When delivering quality education and brand building is the motto, it can get cumbersome to choose the best app for online teaching for your coaching centre among the pool of others.

Digitization through mobile apps has become the only mode of survival and flourishing of the coaching centers, in the current cut-throat market of online education.

Hence Servclass serves as the potent application and one of the best apps for online classes that can render the best of digitization to your coaching center.

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